Technical Cofounder Internships

13 May 2020

The economic impact of COVID-19 has resulted in a tougher job market for entry-level developers, and a ton of activity in the early stage startup scene (seriously, the job board at is stacked with folks looking for technical cofounders). And we personally have felt a tighter market as established businesses pull back on spending.

So this got us thinking: is there a way we can solve for all these problems at once?

Maybe! We came up with the idea of a "Technical Cofounder Internship" program. More details are explained in the survey itself, but the gist of the idea is that you hire an intern that works at our technical guidance. Once you get funding, you hire Lithic for a regularly-priced longer-term engagement.

For your startup, you can build the technology you need for minimal cost, and reduced risk. Early-career developers in our community get real-world experience in a constructive environment. And on our side, we build long-term relationships with tomorrow's stellar growth companies and founders.

We're looking for feedback from early-stage founders on this idea, and a proposed program structure. We'd love if you would check it out:

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