The Rewrite

For all the technological and productivity advancements we've made in the past decade, building a startup has stayed remarkably consistent.

  • Have an innovative solution to a problem you want to solve.
  • Build a solution, or find a technical co-founder who can build it.
  • Look for funding to hire more people to work on your solution.
  • Rebuild the original solution because it is too brittle.
  • Engage in an endless cycle of rebuilding, fundraising, and hiring.

When we rebuild early — as so many startups do — we get caught in a vicious cycle. Of each dollar you spend, less and less goes to solving the original problem you started the business to solve. More goes to solving problems arising from the rebuild of the original solution at the same time you are hiring and scaling.

One of the aims of Lithic is to avoid or accelerate this disruptive and costly rebuilding stage. If startups grow their business without having to constantly rewrite or deal with last year's bad decisions, we think they'd be much more successful.

(If this sounds too real and you are already facing a big rewrite, we are experts in helping you get it done)

The way to transition directly from proving the business to a growth stage without disruption is either:

  • Build your Minimum Viable Product so it can scale and avoid the rewrite entirely. We don't believe quality construction comes at the cost of speed -- in fact, precisely the opposite. Quality construction means we can stay fast in perpetuity. A Lithic-built MVP will look basically similar to a Lithic-built growth rewrite.
  • Build and launch the rewrite quickly. One of the most difficult things in software development is to kill an old-but-working system and launch its replacement. We have a unique and proven ability to get this done so you can get on with your business.

If you are an entrepreneur who needs help building their product, you can learn more about how we work with startups or get in touch.

- Published by Lithic Team


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