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Ever run a JavaScript project with the wrong Node version? JS devs of all stripes, this one is for you.

Dotenv (.env) fields are excellent for configuring applications. You can even use them for Make!

We've see how Makefiles can present a nicer CLI with wildcards. Let's use them to push the Developer Experience even further!

Makefiles present a standard and expressive interface into a codebase. You can use wildcards (percent sign) to make them more powerful and easier to work with.

We're looking at a new business model for early stage startups and early-career developers and would love your feedback.

Learn how to inject dynamic, zero-cost configuration into your static React and other JavaScript apps.

We explain when a graph database, or really any specialized, non-relational database, is right for your project.

We want you to be happy. Our billing is designed for no surprises, and everyone's long-term success.

Once a team is behind, how can they get ahead and put their project on a positive path?

Can small and medium businesses afford and benefit from their own technology?

How can businesses avoid costly disruptions when they transition from a Minimum Viable Product to Growth?

What are the core problems that Lithic is trying to solve?

Lithic Tech was founded in Portland, Oregon by experienced software engineers with a track record of high-quality software, happy customers, and successful businesses. We believe this success is a result of our unique processes, patterns, and convictions.

We are now offering that expertise to the wider community to build better software and software teams. You can learn more about us, and we’d love if you got in touch.

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