“Lithic Tech was founded in Portland, Oregon by experienced software engineering leaders with a track record of successful businesses, happy teams, and delighted customers. Our success is a result of our unique processes, patterns, and convictions.

“Deep expertise in applying the best tools and methods from eXtreme Programming and Lean software development enables us to turn struggling projects around in rapidly, and deliver new projects quickly and reliably. We’ve validated our approach on over a dozen teams at a dozen companies, and we keep getting results.

“We practice test-driven-development, build extensive automated tests into all our software, and take a no-known-bugs practice. Baking quality into our processes leads to low-risk, easily-changed software that pays for itself in ease of maintenance and enhancement. We find that it actually becomes faster over time to build new features and make changes to well-tested code.

“Working this way requires a skillset we’ve honed over many years. It’s what makes Lithic unique. Our clients and employees both get to experience the epiphany that comes with developing software multiple times more effectively than they have in the past. It makes everyone happier, healthier, and more successful.

- Rob Galanakis and Matt Greensmith, Founders

Finding better ways to build software is not just about being able to create more value for our clients. As professionals, our sense of belonging and fulfillment is, for better or worse, deeply tied to our work lives. Simply put: we believe that by improving how software teams work, we will have positive impacts on the rest of their lives.

  • What if you could delight your coworkers by solving their problems with your every-day work, not just what you hack together on the side?
  • How much more inclusive and welcoming would your team be if conflict wasn’t on the critical path of getting work done?
  • Who would cringe at the idea of “adding process,” if the processes you have works to everyone’s benefit?
  • Why would employees look to go elsewhere if they feel their current job is rewarding and helping them grow?
  • What problems would you solve in your community, if you didn’t need a million dollars in capital to build a solution?

These problems are ever-present in technology companies, and they are missing the solution right in front of them: improving how you build software is worth more than all the La Croix and catered lunches in the world. This is a simple idea, but putting it into practice is not. Helping our clients improve how they build software will, we are convinced, have positive impact on bottom lines, their employees, and — ultimately — our communities.

Lithic Tech was founded in Portland, Oregon by experienced software engineers with a track record of high-quality software, happy customers, and successful businesses. We believe this success is a result of our unique processes, patterns, and convictions.

We are now offering that expertise to the wider community to build better software and software teams. You can learn more about us, and we’d love if you got in touch.

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