Is your business currently served by a legacy web app that you’re not happy with? Is it difficult to make changes or add features, has age-old bugs, and no one likes to work with it? Is test coverage poor, debugging a chore, and dependencies out of date?

That’s where we come in! We have seen it all — no application is too far gone or too depressing. We have decades of experience rescuing sad legacy products and codebases, and breathing new life into them. We know how to identify your most pressing issues to earn the biggest stability, performance, and productivity wins.

We can stanch the bleeding, provide cover while a replacement is built, or lead a turnaround and give your application a new lease on life. Learn more about our methods.

There’s no need to make your current development team unhappy by atoning for the sins of the last one!

Note: Because legacy application management requires expert-level knowledge of languages and frameworks, we’re only able to currently offer this for Ruby, Python, Golang, and JavaScript codebases.

Lithic Tech was founded in Portland, Oregon by experienced software engineers with a track record of high-quality software, happy customers, and successful businesses. We believe this success is a result of our unique processes, patterns, and convictions.

We are now offering that expertise to the wider community to build better software and software teams. You can learn more about us, and we’d love if you got in touch.

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