“Sometimes small gives you the room to do really big things.” - Stephen Green

Local businesses are not just important to our economy. They are vital to the health of our community and our health. At Lithic, we aim to support businesses in the Portland metro area who see a need for custom technology to grow and evolve.

Normally custom software is either very expensive, or requires a large time committment. Because of the way we work — iterative, resourceful, local — we can build what entrepreneurs need without a huge budget. Learn more about our unique and effective methods.

This committment to our local Portland economy also means we’re excited to accept goods and services as part of our fee. This helps us get paid, keeps costs down for you, and also contributes to a tighter local community.

So dream, entrepreneur, dream! And when you’re ready to discuss turning those dreams into reality, please get in touch!

Lithic Tech was founded in Portland, Oregon by experienced software engineers with a track record of high-quality software, happy customers, and successful businesses. We believe this success is a result of our unique processes, patterns, and convictions.

We are now offering that expertise to the wider community to build better software and software teams. You can learn more about us, and we’d love if you got in touch.

Email us at hello@lithic.tech or use this form: