Maintaining legacy code is great and all but wouldn’t it be better to avoid it in the first place? Let us develop your application from the ground up, written with reliable patterns, infrastructure, and automated testing, and avoid having to call us to clean things up in the future!

We have a best-in-class product development process that makes sure you see results every day, ensuring no bad surprises. And whether we continue to maintain the application once it’s built, or you turn it over to an internal team, we ensure maintenance is as easy as possible. You can learn more about our techniques.

Lithic Tech was founded in Portland, Oregon by experienced software engineers with a track record of high-quality software, happy customers, and successful businesses. We believe this success is a result of our unique processes, patterns, and convictions.

We are now offering that expertise to the wider community to build better software and software teams. You can learn more about us, and we’d love if you got in touch.

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